Wait until you see this.

I have for years talked about getting a new tattoo but couldn't find a place that I felt comfortable at. I always felt outta place in the studio's that have a bunch of people running around with like 5 or 6 tattoo's going on at the same time.

So when we started doing our Erase your Ex contest on the Wolf with Dermapunct Tattoo, I thought about maybe checking them out. So I started searching around online, I came across a ton of google reviews (I now know why he has so many amazing reviews) being a different type of tattoo studio and had to check them out and I'm so glad I did.

What makes Dermapunct different? When you schedule an appointment with Jacqsun, you get the whole studio to yourself with no interruptions and all his work is done with disposable equipment, more on what makes Dermapunct Tattoo the only place to go soon. They are located in the Summerlin Plaza, 942 NY-376 Wappingers Falls. Call (845) 546-5645 to make an appointment.

I had an appointment at Dermapunct Tattoo yesterday and can't wait to show you what I got....

Thank you again Dermapunct Tattoo, now we start to work on what Jess is going to get.

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