This might not end well.

There is nothing worse then waking up on a Monday morning, you grab a shower, get everything together for the day, rush out of the house, jump into your car or truck, go to start it up, you turn the key and you get nothing, just a bunch of clicking noises. Yup, dead truck!!

That is exactly how I started the day yesterday. After trying to start my truck a bunch of times, I realized that it wasn't happening. Thank god my wife is off for the summer, so I wound up taking her truck into work yesterday and I wasn't even late.

After doing the show, I headed over to Home Depot to buy some jumper cables, so I could jump start my truck. Now I've done this before on my old truck so I thought it would be an easy thing to do until I opened the hood of my truck and couldn't find the battery. The damn thing was hidden under all kinds of stuff. After I found it, I attempted to jump start the truck....

I think that earned me back a piece of my man card that I lost a few ago after I hit my house trying to park in the garage.

They say things like this happen in three's, so I hit the house, that's one, dead battery, that's two, I can't wait to see what's next...UGH!

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