It just wont work, right?

It took my kids almost two years to convince me to get a dog and now that they got what they asked for, they are now asking to add to the family with a cat. I've never had more than one pet at home at anytime in my life so I'm not sure if it'll work out. I'm blaming the new Tom & Jerry movie with them over the weekend for why they are asking...LOL!

Anytime I struggle with a decision in my life the best place I found solid advice is from you guys. So let me ask ya'll, can cats and dogs get along under the same roof? Do you have both? How do they get along? Call or text us through the Wolf app.

Rob from Walden called and said that they can definitely get along as long as we introduce them to each other and let them get to know each other before we officially get a forever cat. Darlene texted us something similar saying, "I’ve always had dogs and cats I would say the key is introducing a young one to the other Also if your on the fence about a cat working out a great way to see is consider fostering As you see I’m a wonderful foster failure."

Samantha texted, "4 dogs and a cat here. The cat will play with them, but she can also make them cry just by looking at them. We have baby gates at the bedrooms so the cat can get away from the dogs for peace when she wants to."

Great idea!!! I've always thought that cats were more of a "leave me alone" type of pet which is why I think my dog Smalls won't get along with one ‍♂️. John in Wappingers texted, "My husky steals my cats food and they sit at opposite side of the room . The husky constantly goes after the cat."

I think I'm going to hold off on the cat thing for now, but if you have a success dog and cat relationship story to share with us, please text it to us through the Wolf app....LOL!

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