Yes it has happened again.

If you have followed the CJ in the morning show over the years, you know that there have been many a times that I have done something that has called into question my man card membership.

Like the time I wore woman deodorant to work or the times I have let my wife wax my eyebrows.

I try pretty hard to make sure that I don't give anyone any reason to take away my man card and then out of nowhere BOOM, man card revoked again.

Why? Take a look....

I have had more people come up to me in the last 2 days and just shake their heads at me, with that look of, MAN CJ YOU ARE NOT SMART!

Yes it's embarrassing that I had no idea that my truck has this great feature but as I always say look a the glass half full.

At least know I know that I have a remote starter.

Now I need to try to figure out how to earn my man card back, I think I need to go and shoot something. More on that soon.

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