We never found a basketball that didn't love to be shot.

If you missed it on Friday morning, Jess and I were lucky enough to be able to do the Wakin' Up with CJ and Jess Show from yet another great school.

We did our broadcast this week at the Crispell Middle School over in Pine Bush, thanks to Jen who signed up the school last month when we asked the Hudson Valley, "What makes your school special?"

Jen told us all about some of the great things that kids have been doing including a special media class that they have and she thought the kids that signed up to learn about the media would love to see how a live on air broadcast would look.

So we hit the road and had so much fun with the kids both on and off the air and as always, whenever Jess or I come across a basketball we have to shoot it, no matter what. So the first thing we did when we got the school on Friday was of course, shoot some hoops and let's just say Jess has some game, me, not so much.

Take a look....

At least I made one!!!

Thanks for watching and have a great weekend!!!!

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