Do you hate the first song in your iTunes library like we do?

If you missed it, Jess did a story about plugging her cell phone into the USB in her car and if you have an iPhone, you know that when you plug it in it usually will start to play the first song in your iTunes library.

I have to agree with Jess, it is one of themost annyoing things that happens in my car and the fact that someone came up with idea to create a 10 minute song of silence called “A a a a a Very Good Song” by Samir Mezrahi, is awesome!

When this happens to me I want to start smashing You will never guess what the first song in my library is? Take a guess and find out the answer to mine and Jess'.....

I really think I am going to buy the 10 minute song of nothing.

What is the first song that plays when you plug in your phone? Let us know in the comment section below.

Bonus Video: Sam Hunt + Jess 4Ever

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