If anyone asked me what my biggest pet peeve is it would probably surprise you.

It's not nails on a chalk board or seeing animals in sweaters. It's unique and you may be facing this problem too. With newer cars many people have the option to plug in their USB plug into the console to charge their phone and play music.

stressed man covering ears, looking up, stop making noise


When I plug in my phone my music from iTunes starts playing automatically. Which I would be okay with, if the first song wasn't A Team by Ed Sheeran. If I never had to hear that song again I would be a happier person.

iTunes will auto play the first song in your playlist starting alphabetically.

According to Variety  there is a genius among us. A silent song is making it's way up the iTunes charts. Samir Mezrahi released the biggest hit this summer called "A a a a a Very Good Song." It runs 10 minutes long and is completely silent so you can avoid hearing that one song over and over when you get into your car.

"A a a a a Very Good Song" is now sitting at number 64 right behind Justin Timberlake and in front of Blake Shelton.

Totally worth the .99 cent download.

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