Last summer was one for the record books with all of us stuck at home during a worldwide pandemic.

During the COVID lockdown, people were finding whatever they could to pass the time. Whether it was binge-watching new shows like Tiger King, baking banana bread or tye dying their clothes, we took on different projects to keep ourselves sane.

One man in the UK decided he was going to break a Guinness World Record.

According to the Guinness World Records, Declan Evans, from Lincoln in the United Kingdom, decided that he was going to break the record for the "Fastest Time to Drink a Capri Sun." Yes, those fun silver juice pouches from the '90s.

Evans was able to practice for months and beat the previous record of 18 seconds. He was able to chug the Capri Sun in 16.65 seconds. That time includes unwrapping the straw and inserting the straw in the juice pouch.

If you grew up with Capri Sun, you know that half the battle is that darn straw and getting into the pouch hole.

CJ and I like a challenge so we had to give it the good old college try. Unfortunately, I got caught up with the straw and ended up finishing in 18 seconds. CJ handled the whole challenge flawlessly. We believe CJ was able to finish the challenge in 15.92 seconds.

. Will you try to beat the Capri Sun drinking record? Just a warning it's much harder than it looks. Good luck!

Watch the video below and you be the judge. Do we need to get in contact with Guinness World Records? Let us know!


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