Is yours still up? Or down?

As we get ready to move out of holiday mode across the Hudson Valley, it's just about time for the de-Christmasing of houses everywhere. The question is when do you take your Christmas tree down?

At my house I had the tree down and all the decorations put away by the Tuesday after Christmas. I didn't plan it that way, I thought about leaving them up until well after New Years, but when I woke up that Tuesday, I looked at all the green needles all over the carpet and decided to get it out of the house ASAP!..LOL.

Jess told us that she took all of her decorations at her house down over the weekend, everything EXCEPT the tree! Yes she still has just the tree up with no decorations or ornaments on it, she mentioned something about the "kings" coming or something about it being lucky to keep the tree up until January 6th.

Is the tree still standing at your house today? Or did you take it down already? We got a bunch of calls on the show today, Kathy called us and told us that her tree was down and out of the house on January 1st because as she put it, "after the year we had (2020) I wanted to start the new year fresh, so out it went."

Michelle in Wurtsboro texted us, "It's still up, however coming down this week." Big Rob from Saugerties texted us, "Every new year eve we do a burning of the Christmas trees so mine is gone."

Our favorite text came from Alex in Liberty, "Our tree came down the day after Christmas....Probably because it was a fire hazard 😂!" Yup I think mine was too. How about you? Call or text us through the Wolf app.

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