I go through long stints of time where I will go without Chinese food, and then all of a sudden, it seems like it is the only thing that I am eating. When the craving hits, it is here to stay. And when you eat Chinese food, despite how delicious and satisfying it, I always get hungry again like an hour later. What is up with that?

I'm lucky, I have three really good Chinese restaurants near me that I frequent. If I'm ordering for the family, Mom will get beef, Dad will get seafood, and I will get chicken. We always need some kind of vegetable side, whether it is mixed vegetables or just broccoli. We all get either shrimp or egg rolls, and if we really want to go crazy, we will order some dumplings to share. I'm a sucker for a good platter of steamed dumplings. I don't think I've ever tried fried dumplings, steamed is just so delicious.

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Below, we have the list of the 10 best Chinese Restaurants in and around Rockland County, New York. This list is compiled from hundreds of reviews from Yelp reviewers. What do you think of this list? Do you agree? Should another restaurant be on the list? What other county should we rate for their Chinese food? As always, please message us on the app, or leave a comment on our social media.

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