You know, most people have what is commonly referred to as a "routine". We all have them, just those things that everyday you do and you don't even think twice about it.

Dark silhouette of girl behind glass. Locked alone in room behind door on Halloween in grayscale. Nightmare of child with aliens, monsters and ghosts. Evil in home in monochrome. Inside haunted house.

My daily routine consists of waking up at an ungodly hour of the night when 99% of people are still sleeping, get dressed, get coffee, leave for work. Fast forward through the 40 minute drive and I'm at work and it's time to begin the day.

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Aside from working on the radio show, part of my day is made up by trying to find interesting things to write about. Well today I stumbled upon something that immediately caught my eye and that brings us to now.

Orange County Paranormal

Today I learned that in Orange County (no not Orange County California) the place where I have lived my whole life, is home to its own paranormal investigative group. I'm a huge fan of everything paranormal so I decided to search the group and figure out what they're about.

haunted colorado cemetery

I found their website after doing a few searches online and saw that in terms of how they operate, from the outside looking in they seem to implement many of the same tactics that I'd seen used when watching shows like "Ghost Hunters". Things like consultations with people reaching out for help and full fledged investigations.

On the groups website they describe in great detail everything they do...

We do not charge for consultations or investigations. All consultations and investigations are private, and content / evidence is only published with permission of the business or residence owner.

We are available for paranormal lectures, demonstrations, and group ghost hunts.

A. Boris
A. Boris

Founders of Orange County Paranormal

Further information on the website showed the structure of the organization. The organization was formed back in 2019 by co-founders Dan and Emily Pacella. The groups website shows that currently they consist of a team of 7 individuals all sharing different roles in the organization.

A Boris
A Boris

For instance Dan Pacella works as a "Lead Investigator" as well as "Head Tech" and Emily Pacella also operates as a Lead Investigator while also being the "Head Researcher". Dan also serves as the host of the organizations podcast called the (Para)normal Podcast

In the podcast they go over numerous different topics from why it is that investigations occur at night, to how their investigations are about more than just investigating. The organizations website also has uploaded soundbites with some of the strange sounds that they have recorded in past investigations.

Close up of microphone and fog

In all honesty it's pretty cool that an organization like this exists in the area where I'm from. Not to mention, I also no longer need to decide what I'm going to be listening to when I head home today.

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