It will only be open for 3 days.

If you are anything like me, you might want to make plans to check out what's being called a pop up resturant featuring one of our favorite snacks, Cheetos!

According to Delish, Cheetos is opening a restaurant at 211 West Broadway in New York City next Tuesday that will only serve food made with Cheetos and I really want to try some of the things that are being featured on the menu.

Looks like they are going to offer stuff like:

Grilled cheese filled with cheese, bacon, tomatoes, and Cheetos.

Mac and cheese made with white cheddar and a Flamin' Hot Chipotle Ranch Cheeto crust.

Tacos with chicken, veggies, and Flamin' Hot Limon Cheetos on top.

Nachos that use Cheetos instead of tortilla chips.

Cheesecake with a Cheetos crust.

If you are planning to give the Cheetos restaurant a try you can make reservations online. Tables are going quickly and remeber they will only be open for 3 days starting on August 15th thru the 17th.

To get in the Cheetos mood, here's Jess giving the jalapeno Cheetos a try.....

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