Local farm markets that were closed for the winter season have started to open around the Hudson Valley. Once again they are beckoning us to stop in and plan our flower and vegetable gardens for 2018. You still need to probably wait a few weeks before you jump into all your spring planting after all Mother Nature is still throwing us some cold weather. But the warm days are right around the corners so a little preview plant shopping never hurts.

Whether you want to just grow a few flowers or maybe try your green thumb out on some veggie favorite, having a garden can be very rewarding. More and more people are enjoying not just growing flowers but Fresh herbs have also taken over. With more people learning to enjoy farm to table meals and fresh ingredients, the idea of growing veggies and enhancing food flavors with fresh herbs has become popular. This years top herb is the Hop. Probably not something you are going to sprinkle on the tomatoes your grew but if your are thinking home make beer you will put it to good use.

3 great Farm Markets in the Hudson Valley


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