December may seem like an unusual time to be talking about a treat you normally enjoy at fairs and circus during warmer months of the year, but that is just what you are encouraged to do this coming Monday December 7th. According to the National Days Calendar this 600 year old plus treat is celebrated on December 7th every year. Think of it as a little bit of summer tucked into the holiday season.

National Cotton Candy Day is celebrated on this coming Monday, but apparently no one quite knows why. However, it does seem that this spun sugar treat has a big history. According to the National Days Calendar there was a time when cotton candy was so hard to make that people could barely afford to buy it.

Cotton Candy also goes by a cool nickname which until I was research for this article I had never heard before. Apparently cotton candy is also referred to as Fairy Floss. Fun Fairy Floss fact (see that three times fast) that I found on the National Days Calendar page is that apparently at the 1904 World's Fair Fairy Floss cost 25 cents a box and they sold over 68,000 boxes of it to fairgoers. This was attributed to the fact that Dentist William Morrison and Confectioner John C. Wharton invented a machine that could spin the cotton candy and used it at the fair.

If you find yourself with extra time on Monday and you are feeling creative you might want to try making your own Fairy Floss. I found this recipe online from the Food Network that looks fun. Or to make it simpler go on Amazon and order a cotton candy making machine,

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