A group of hikers needed rescuing in Sullivan County during the extreme heat wave that hit the Hudson Valley this month.

Heat Dome Hovered Over New York State

If you missed it from June 18th through the 24th the Hudson Valley and New York State were hit with an extreme heatwave. Experts were calling it a heat dome. According to CNN, a heat dome is when air is trapped "in place and bake it with abundant sunshine for days on end, making each day hotter than the last."

Temperatures throughout the heat dome week in New York ranged in the high 90s with a heat index making it feel like 100 degrees.

Officials stressed to local communities to stay hydrated and unless you absolutely needed to be outside, to stay indoors. Unfortunately, some people didn't heed that warning.

5 Hikers Rescued in Sullivan County During Extreme NY Heatwave

The New York State Department of Environmental Conservation reports that on Friday, June 22nd, 2024 Environmental Officers were called to a trail in Sullivan County. 5 hikers had called 911 from the Roosa Gap State Forest explaining they were lost and couldn't find their way back to the Cox Road trailhead.

Forest Ranger Rusher found the 5 Queens, New York hikers around 6:30 pm. According to a press release, Rusher found the hikers about 2.5 miles from the trailhead they were looking for.

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The press release goes on to explain that the group "thought the Long Path was a one-mile loop and had not prepared to be outside in the extremely hot weather" adding

The group had only brought one bottle of water for each person.


One of the hikers was feeling dizzy and nauseated due to heat exhaustion. Thankfully Ranger Rusher was able to provide food, water, and electrolytes to the group so they could get to the trailhead. Summitville Fire Department assisted in the rescue hiking in with additional water for the hikers around 8:10 pm.


When all was said and done, the hikers arrived back at the trailhead at 8:45 pm and were looked over by EMS

Summer Hiking Safety Tips

If you're planning on hiking across the Hudson Valley this summer, take precautions before you hit the trail.

As the DEC explains "Weather conditions can affect your health." Below you'll find a few tips on how to hike safely in warmer weather, but remember rule number 1, always bring more water than needed.

Look out for heat exhaustion and heat stroke. This occurs "when your body's cooling mechanisms are overcome by heat, causing a dangerously high body temperature" according to the DEC.

Warm Weather Hiking Tips as explained by the DEC:

  • Wear sunscreen
  • Slow your pace
  • Drink water and rest more often
  • Seek shade and avoid long periods in direct sunlight
  • Do not hike in extremely hot weather

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