If you grew up in and around the Hudson Valley in the 80's, 90's and early 2000's you most likely spent a weekend day or two at the Catskill Game Farm. The game farm was a must visit for many years in the Catskills and when it closed it's doors back in 2006 most of us thought we would never get a chance to ever go back.

That is until Cathy and Ben announced a few years ago that they were going to reopen the grounds of the Old Catskill Game Farm, minus the animals. They wrote on Facebook, "We are trying to save a piece of history. My husband Ben and I purchased the property two years ago and have long term dreams to rehab the property to reopen it as a campground."

Their dream to rehab the property started and since they reopened, they've done an incredible job giving guests the chance to camp or "glamp" on the grounds where all of our favorite animals used to roam. They've opened the Long Neck Inn which offers guests a chance to stay in themed suites like the Rhino Room, Giraffe Room, and the Elephant Room, each of the suites have been "game farm themed" and look stunning.

After 9 years of rehabbing Cathy and Ben announced on Facebook that they have sold the property. They started their message with a "Thank you, it has been an honor" and went on to let us know that, "It is with a heavy heart that we have decided to shift our focus to our other endeavors. We have full confidence that the new owners will be able to fulfill the dreams we had laid out for the property and continue to uphold the historic significance and integrity of the Old Catskill Game Farm."

We reached out for a comment on who the new owners are, but haven't heard back just yet. When we do we will update this article with more information on their plans for the property.

Cathy and Ben did end their message with hope. They wrote," We hope that you will show the same support for the new owners as they continue to preserve the history of the property while creating a new and exciting business for the Catskill region."

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