This time of year it is real important that we don't let our pets get exposed to the elements. Falling temperatures, ice in the yard and the salt on roads and sideways can all be hazardous to our pets. They can also end up with a cold or even the flu. According to Hills Pet online your dog can't catch your germ but they can check a cold or the flu from other dogs. This year my dog got her Canine flu shot and I am glad she is protected from infection. Canine flu is a year round problem be sure to consult your vet about the vaccine.

A few things to keep in mind concerning your pet during the winter. They will want to play outside but you have to make sure that weather conditions permit that activity. Playing ball in a icy yard is hazardous for both you and your pet. Make sure that your pet has access to water. Even though it is not hot, it is dry and that can lead to your pet needing more water. The ASPCA has some great tips we included below.

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