Have you ever had the heartbreaking situation of having to re-home an animal? Your goal is to find a good home that will be able to take care of your beloved four-legged family member. Are you really doing everything to make sure that their new home is a good one?

I was completely shocked to find out that in New York State, many of the counties have signed into law an Animal Abuse Registry. The links below will show you who has been added to the registry of that specific county.

Who is on the Animal Abuse Registry listing for the Hudson Valley Counties?

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The people that are listed have all committed a crime of 'animal cruelty.' They are not allowed to own or live with an animal for a period of 15 years after their conviction. Just like the Sex Offender Registry, offenders need to register with the county's Sheriff's department when they move into the county.

So which counties in the Hudson Valley have this Animal Abuse Registry? Don't all the counties in the State of New York have this?

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Believe it or not, there are four Hudson Valley counties that each have their own registry, Dutchess, Orange, Sullivan, and Ulster Counties. Also, it should be noted that the nearby counties of Rockland, Westchester, Greene, and Putnam also have their own registries.

Why do you need to check the county's Animal Abuse Registry before you rehome your little baby?

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It is illegal to give, sell or let someone adopt, an animal that is on the registry. So, it is required that you do your due diligence and check the registry before you proceed. How do you find out is a person is on one of those registries?

Dutchess County, NY Animal Abuse Registry


The Dutchess County, NY registry was started in 2019 and as of this writing has 5 persons on the list.

Ulster County, NY Animal Abuse Registry


The Ulster County, NY Registry was started in 2016 and currently has 6 persons on the registry.

Orange County, NY Animal Abuse Registry

Richard Brutyo via Unsplash
Richard Brutyo via Unsplash

The Orange County, NY Animal Registry (Rocky's Law) was started in 2015 and currently has 11 persons listed on it.

Sullivan County, NY Animal Abuse Registry


The Sullivan County, NY Animal Abuse Registry began in 2016 (Dean's Law) and has 11 persons on its list. According to their website, abusers remain on their list for 7 years.

While it is sad that you need to re-home your beloved four-legged family member, just make sure that whoever gets your baby is not on this list.

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