It's been a slow burn, but I think I'm starting to see some change.

I'm of course talking about fall foliage. We have been practically begging for it since the first day of fall back on September 22nd. Unfortunately, Mother Nature decided to spin us on our heads and make the end of September and early October feel like late July.

It was hot and we saw little to no change when it came to Hudson Valley fall foliage.

According to and the DEC we should start to see some change this upcoming weekend.

Did you know that the leaves that you see have different names and ways to be identified?

Those pretty yellow and orange maple leaf looking leaves? They're called Acer saccharum or Sugar Maple leaves.


The bright green-ish, yellow leaves you see? Populus alba or White Popular.


The smaller brown leaves that always seem to be the crunchiest when you step on them? Betula lenta or Sweet Birch.


Check out the rest of the Fall leaf Identifier at and impress all your friends this fall foliage season.

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