We're still trying to figure out how to navigate through the COVID-19 world but what could bring New Yorkers back together and on the same page?

Stewart's Shops Mountain Brew.

What am I talking about you may be asking? I'm talking about the crisp, golden beer served up by every New Yorker's favorite convenient store. We all know Stewart's Shops are known for its fabulous coffee and breakfast options, and the plethora of ice cream flavors they have available year-round.

At one point in time, Stewart's had their very own beer. Mountain Brew Ice and Mountain Brew Ice Light were the local equivalents of Natural Light, in my opinion. As a young 21-year-old in 2012, Mountain Brew Ice came in the clutch for a quick drink to pick up before a party with friends.

Sadly, Stewarts announced in September of 2020 that Mountain Brew was getting the boot. They literally have a whole "In Loving Memory" section of their website dedicated to Mountain Brew. RIP Mountain Brew.

They wrote on the page:

Recently, our President Gary Dake announced that 2020 would bring another devastating blow: the discontinuation of our Mountain Brew beer. Mountain Brew Ice and Mountain Brew Light (discontinued 2018) have been a part of the Stewart’s product family for nearly 10 years now

But let's rewind. 2020 was the year of COVID-19 and also the year that Mountain Brew Ice was discontinued? Sounds like the discontinuation of Mountain Brew is the reason we were living in such dark times.

Every day it seems like there is another new strain of COVID, inflation is crushing everyone right now and gas prices are out of control...with that being said. I think I have an idea.


I truly believe if we bring back one of the greatest Stewart products, we'll be back on track to normal. Well, as close as we can come to normal.

If we start a 'Bring Back Mountain Brew' petition would you sign it?

The Wakin' Up with CJ and Jess Show we'll be broadcasting live at Stewart's locations every Thursday in the month of May. On Thursday, May 19th, CJ and Jess will be at Stewart's in New Windsor at 202 Quassaick Ave from 6 am -10 am. 

Maybe they'll find some Mountain Brews in the back. #WishfulThinking

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