I love a good throw back. And considering today is Thursday, why not do a country music throwback Thursday?

I recently found one of my old iPods. The big chunky ones that can hold way more songs than my iPhone 6 can hold now. Unfortunately, there's something wrong in the wiring, but I can still scroll through the songs. I came across one of my favorite bands back in the day: The Wreckers.

The Wreckers were made up of pop singer Michelle Branch and country singer Jessica Harp. They were both doing their own thing as solo artist before they joined forces in 2005. Michelle and Jessica made a pretty big impact with "Leave the Pieces." I'm pretty sure I heard that song on every teen drama I watched growing up. I know for a fact they performed on One Tree Hill. Oh, the memories.

If you're feeling nostalgic check out their album "Stand Still, Look Pretty." I suggest, obviously, "Leave the Pieces" "Cigarette" "The Good Kind" and "My, Oh My." But honestly the album as a whole is fantastic.

What's a girl gotta do to get The Wreckers back together?


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