If you listen to the show, first of all thank you for putting up with me and CJ. We really appreciate you sticking around during our morning shenanigans. You probably know that we're not the brightest bulbs in the pack.

Sometimes we like to challenge our general knowledge with easy quizzes like, if we can name all 50 states.

Of course there's a twist. We have to name the states on an empty map. In a minute.

We also like to set ourselves up for failure.

I got the idea from a BuzzFeed article in which they had foreigners and American's fill out maps. It's scary as adults we forget where all the states are actually located. I bet a 5th grader could knock this out of the park.

Anyway, watch below and me and CJ fail misserably at US geography.

Alright we didn't do too bad. Can you do better? Give it a shot and share your results with us on Facebook.



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