If you grew up in the Hudson Valley, you probably have some fond memories of the Catskill Game Farm.

Sadly the Game Farm closed down in 2006 and has been abandoned ever since. In 2015 there had been a few rumors going around that the Catskill Game Farm would be opening as an RV Park and camping ground. The new owners were gathering donations to start clean up of the once famous park.

Cathy Catskill Game Farm

It looks as though the plan is now in motion.

Cathy Catskill Game Farm

We received an email from Cathy and Ben of the Catskill Game Farm and they informed us of updates around the park. These updates include two tented "glamping" (glamorous camping) locations.

If you choose to visit the Catskill Game Farm for a glamping experience, you'll be staying right outside the zoo in the quiet wooded area surrounding the park or just above the old wild cat exhibit. While you visit, you have access to 150 acres and 3.5 miles of walkways and abandoned zoo to explore as well as over 100 buildings you can enter.

You can book your visit at theoldgamefarm.com starting at $120 a night.