Turkey is the bird for Thanksgiving although I have known people who have enjoyed serving them at Christmas too. Over the next week or so just about all of us will be busy preparing a turkey or waiting to eat one.

Typically there are only two ways people end up getting a turkey for Thanksgiving. They either earn a frozen one by spending enough at their local grocery before their holiday dinner. Or sometimes they are given one by their company as a bonus. Been there and done that twice.

Benefits of a Fresh Turkey Verses a Frozen Turkey

Homemade Roasted Thanksgiving Day Turkey with all the Sides

Of course, some people know people who hunt turkey so their bird comes fresh from the Hudson Valley wild with hopefully not too much buckshot. The benefits of a fresh bird are they always taste better, they tend to be healthier for us as opposed to a bird that may have been frozen and then refrozen. Turkey contains a load of vitamins.

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Plus cooking a fresh turkey is much easier. You don't have all the thawing time and mess on the counter. If you have ever tried to thaw a decent size frozen turkey you know what I am talking about.

Can You Buy a Farm Fresh Turkey in New York

Strutting male wild turkey displaying in the spring mating season.

There are places you can buy a fresh turkey. Some grocery stores offer them. You usually have to pre-order and you may have missed that window. The best place to buy a fresh turkey is from a Hudson Valley farmer. Supporting local meat farmers is as important as supporting your local veggie farm.

Hudson Valley Farms Selling Fresh Turkeys For Thanksgiving

After doing a bit of research I was able to find a few places that offer fresh turkeys. However, don't wait much longer to order yours. Some of the farms are already running out. Northwind Farms in Tivoli, New York, has been family-run since 1982. They sell fresh birds. So does the Gray Family Farm in New Windsor, New York. You can also try Yellow Bell Farm in Red Hook it doesn't look like they have turkeys but they do have chickens.

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