We are coming up on that time of year when many of us are ready to sit outside again and enjoy a later afternoon or early evening around an outdoor fire. Every year about this time when I start cleaning up the campfire ring we have in our yard my husband reminds me that there is a burn ban in effect.

He is not wrong. Since 2009 the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation has blocked out a time in the spring when burning brush is banned. The reason is to help cut down on brush fires. This year those dates this year are March 16th through May 14th, 2024. However, there are still some types of outdoor fires still permitted during this time.

Types of Outdoor Fires Permitted During Burn Ban in New York State

Basically, open burning is prohibited in New York State with only a few exceptions. Plus your town or community may have its own restrictions and require you to get a permit from the local government or your local fire department. Brush and dead limb burning is banned during this time.

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Fires that are permitted according to the NYS DEC even during the burn ban are campfires less than 3 feet high, small cooking fires, and ceremonial or celebratory bonfires based around the disposal of flags or religious items in a small fire. Only charcoal or dry clean untreated unpainted wood should be used for fires. Most importantly fires can't be left unattended. All fires must be fully extinguished.

Again, check in with your local fire department. It's a great way to be sure that you are following the New York State burn ban regulations for your area.


Burning Garbage is Never Permitted in New York State

One thing is clear about outdoor fires or any fire for that matter, burning garbage is not allowed in New York State.  Burning trash is illegal. This includes wood stoves, fireplaces, and even outdoor burn barrels. The toxic smoke is not good for the environment or you. Recycling and composting materials are encouraged. Proper disposal of other items is also expected.

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