What better way to use up some snow time in the house then by trying to build the perfect pillow fort.

Most of us are stuck in the house for the day. It's so bad out that I couldn't even make it in to do the show today.

If you have kids like me, they are probably going a little crazy at this point.

We are at our house, so my son and I tried to build the best pillow fort ever made.

We tried our best to put together at "How To Video" and, as always, it didn't quite go as planned...

WOW! My son talks a big game.

So I had to give him the chance to show me up with his own little "How to Video," and again he shows me up...

Whatever you have to do to pass the time today, be safe and make sure you tune in tomorrow morning to the CJ in the morning show for the "GREAT DIG OUT."

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