More details are being released about the police shooting that took place earlier this week in Maybrook.

State Police/Town of Newburgh Police/Google Maps
State Police/Town of Newburgh Police/Google Maps

According to a press release from the Orange County District Attorneys Office, on May 16th police officers from both the Town of Montgomery and the Maybrook police department showed up to the apartment of Anthony Bostick to serve a warrant. Earlier that morning, Bostick had been reported by his girlfriend for a domestic incident and was wanted on misdemeanor charges, his girlfriend also told police that Bostick was experiencing suicidal thoughts. When police arrived at the scene at 9:30am, Bostick refused to let the officers in even after he was informed that a warrant had been issued. Officers then tried to make their way inside the residence and found that not only was the door locked but there was an object behind the door to barricade it.

The first officer in the apartment was wearing a body camera and recorded Bostick refusing to follow the officers orders to surrender. The camera also caught Bostick firing a pistol and striking Town of Montgomery Police Chief Arnold Amthor. One officer returned fire. After the last shot was fired, another shot was heard from the other room leading officers to believe that Bostick had shot himself. The video then shows the officers clearing the scene until back up could arrive.

The Orange County D.A.'s office released chilling and graphic bodycam footage of an Orange County suspect firing shots at police, hitting the police chief. Warning, some images may be graphic:

This is an ongoing investigation and will be will be investigated by the Orange County District Attorney’s Office, with the assistance of the New York State Police. Chief Amthor is expected to make a full recovery.

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