If your planning on going to Lake George this summer and renting a boat, the rules have changed.

The summer season is just getting started and that means a ton of boat rentals in Lake George but this year renting a boat is going to require a little more from renters then in years past.

According to WTEN, boat renters will now have to watch a 6 minute long video before they are allowed to leave with a rented boat.

The Executive Director at the Lake George Park Commission Dave Wick told WTEN that 2016 was a dangerous year on the water and a lot of accidents involved boat renters.

He also said that, “At the end of every year we do a marine patrol report and we found a trend that is rental boaters tend to be less experienced and we see more accidents coming from people who rent boats on Lake George than the typical owner who owns their own boat."

If you plan on heading up to Lake George and you decide to rent a boat, the safety video you will have to watch will include important navigational rules, speed limits, laws about boating while intoxicated, and important regulations about water skiing and tubing.

Get more on the saftey changes at the Park Commission’s website.

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