So far we have had plenty of April showers to bring on a bunch of May flowers. Just about everything is ready to bloom. Some of the early spring bushes and trees are already bursting out the blossom.

The usuals like daffodils and forsythia are in full bloom all over the Hudson Valley. Many of your favorite greenhouses have had blossoming plants since the end of March thanks to Easter being so early this year.

Most Unexpected Flower is Popular this Spring in the Hudson Valley

This week it is no surprise that flower growers are featuring popular plants, however, it might surprise you what is being featured and just how popular it is.  Often when you think of spring you picture pink and yellow flowers everywhere. Tiny purple and white crocuses popping up. A black petunia may not be your first thought or even your third.

Adam's Fairacre Farms, Inc via Facebook
Adam's Fairacre Farms, Inc via Facebook

The one flower you might not be familiar with is taking the Hudson Valley Spring flower world by storm. This type of petunia, which I have seen in recent years but I didn't know what it was called or where to get one is flying off shelves. It is not what most people would think of as a springtime flower due to its color but honestly, I find it an interesting addition to a spring or summer garden.

The Black Velvet Petunia or Black Ray at Adam's Fairacre Farms in New York

Allow me to introduce you to what Adam's Fairacre Farms calls the Black Ray which is also known as the Black Velvet Petunia according to Garden Design. This is a dark colored flower that is actually not black it is really a deep red or a purple but it sure looks black to me.

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According to the post from Adam's, these plants love the sun and want you to water them deeply twice a week. All five of Adam's locations currently have them for sale. But they also expect them to sell out due to the response they have had to the social media post they put up about them earlier this week.

If you get to Adam's and they are sold out, no worries Adam's hopes to get more in May. Chances are you can also grab some at your favorite place to buy plants if Adam's runs out. It may be the pagan in me but I think there is a flat of these cuties in my future.

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