Is Bigfoot looking for his next meal in the woods of Dutchess County?

Bigfoots Hudson Valley History

It's your monthly Bigfoot sighting report. Whether you believe they exist or not, the Hudson Valley is a hotspot for Bigfoot activity and fans. After some digging, we actually found that there have been over 30 years of Bigfoot encounters across the Hudson Valley.

We can now add another sighting to the list.


Latest Bigfoot Sighting in 2022: Poughkeepsie, NY

The Bigfoot Researchers of the Hudson Valley shared on their Facebook page that a Poughkeepsie woman reached out with a story about a possible Bigfoot sighting.

The woman wrote in a message to Bigfoot Researchers founder Gayley Beatty "I saw something the other night right here in Pok!!" She told Beatty that it was around 8 or 9 at night and added that she was looking down at her phone while her dog ran around outside. After a few minutes, she lifted her head up to see where the dog went and that's when she spotted a strange creature under the street light.

The Bigfoot witness explains:

I was looking around and then I saw something lighter in color walking, now it was under a street light so I could see clearly and I had my glasses on, it did not have any clothes on, I kept saying to myself what the hell am I actually looking at right now????

As she continued to follow the creature, she states that the alleged Bigfoot took 2 steps "climbed into the woodline, and disappeared."

February Footprint of Poughkeepsie Bigfoot

While there's no photographic evidence of the latest encounter, the woman has been collecting evidence for a few months now and shared the photo below with the Bigfoot Researchers of the Hudson Valley of a footprint found last February:

I don't know about you, but that doesn't look like a human foot to me. And what human is walking around barefoot in the snow!?

We'll be keeping an eye on this story for any new updates and sightings. Do you believe in Bigfoot? Bigfoot apparently has a deep-rooted history in Beacon, there's even a museum dedicated to it. Check it out below!

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