How do you decide where to go to dinner? When a group of friends wants to go out you people usually say things like, Should we do Mexican, Chinese, Thai, Pizza maybe Italian? Unless you live in Texas, maybe no one ever says "Want to go out for beef"?

If you are a carnivore like me you may find yourself out at a restaurant that doesn't focus on beef. I have discovered though that even seafood restaurants often have a Surf N Turf option. So I am the person who will order the Turf without the surf.

Hudson Valley Restaurants that Make Great Steak

Just about any restaurant you go to will have some sort of steak on the menu. You might not find a rib eye but there is likely to be a steak of some sort tucked into a dish that matches the restaurant's theme.

Map of Steak Restaurants around the Hudson River via Google
Map of Steak Restaurants around the Hudson River via Google

Of course, if you are heading out with your pescatarian or vegan friends there is a pretty good chance that there won't be any beef at the place you go to for a meal but hey that will be the meal you try something new like mushrooms that taste like beef.

Top Places to Go Out for a Steak Dinner in the Hudson Valley

Hudson Valley Restaurants
PC: Facebook - Ole Savannah Southern Table and Bar / Blu Pointe / Terrapin Restaurant & Catering / Poughkeepsie Steakhouse

So the next time you are planning to head out for dinner with friends why not say hey "Let's do steak"? The places I found and put on this list have plenty of options for your friends who may not be looking for that sizzling piece of beef.

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Top Steak Dinner Restaurants in the Hudson Valley

Sometimes you just want to go out for a steak Check out this list of top Hudson Valley Steak Restaurants I put together for you. It will be delicious fun to work your way from Kingston to Rhinebeck then down to Hyde Park, Beacon, and over Newburgh then back up the road to New Paltz. Delicious steaks with mouthwatering sides await you at these wonderful Hudson Valley restaurants that serve steak.

Gallery Credit: Paty Quyn

Hudson Valley Restaurant Perfect for Date Night

Treat yourself to a romantic dinner at one of these unsuspecting Hudson Valley Restaurants. They offer the perfect combination of food and drink with a dining experience that feels intimate. I like to say these places are hiding in plain sight. You know them, you may even drive by them and now it is time to stop in for a romantic dinner date. From Kingston to Rhinebeck to Cornwall, and a few places in between it will be hard to decide you may need to visit all of them to pick you favorite.

Gallery Credit: Paty Quyn

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