I was watching a Food Theory video on YouTube earlier about how McDonald's is more in the real estate game more than it is in the food game. Food Theory (and all the _____ Theory channels run by MatPat) is one of my latest favorite channels to binge, and the videos are often quite enlightening. I recommend checking out the video below, if you're interested to know what that all means.

This video got me thinking: Which McDonald's is the best in the Hudson Valley? There are so many located around here, it is hard to count. It is easily one of the biggest companies of today, and they sure show their prominence around here. One time on a field trip, I saw a closed down McDonald's, and I thought it was one of the most terrifying things that I've seen in my life. How does a McDonald's close? It just seemed unfathomable to me. Perhaps people didn't get the Happy Meal toy that they wanted, and the locals revolted against it.

One fascinating thing that I will spoil about the list below is that no McDonald's on this list scored higher than 4 stars. Typically, when I make these lists, they are 4 Stars and above, but not today! According to Google Reviews, the highest reviewed McDonald's I could find was 3.9 Stars, just missing that coveted 4 Star or higher marking. However, it is McDonald's that we are talking about. People know exactly what to expect when they go to McDonald's and little can possibly change the grip the company has. That being said, I found this concept fascinating, and want to share the results with you.

Does your town's McDonald's perform well? Did it even make it on this list? Let us know in the app or on our social media accounts!

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