Earlier this week (January 31st), was the day you are supposed to sit down and plan your vacation for the year. I am not really sure why that date was picked but I can guess it is because, by this time in January, we all need something besides cold and snow to look forward to.

So if you aren't sure where you want to go on vacation now that you should officially be planning one let me get you a place to start your research. Lawn Love a company known for finding the best cities to do things in recently set out to find the best cities for kid-friendly vacations.

Now before you click away because you are not planning a kid vacation let me suggest that you look anyway just in case you are a big kid at heart.

The Best Kid-Friendly Vacation City in New York


Lawn Love's project not only included the best places but also published the worst places. So what did they use to determine the Best Cities for Kid-Friendly Vacations?

According to their survey, they took into consideration things like accommodations, theme parks, zoos, cost of living in the area even hospitals which hopefully wouldn't need on vacation but better safe than sorry.

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If the results were just been about hotels, Orlando, Florida would have won hands down but throw in the other categories and suddenly you end up in a much different zip code. Turns out the top place for a kid-friendly vacation is only an hour-long train ride from the Hudson Valley. Yep, New York City came out on top. It actually ranks number one in most amusement and theme parks and hospital categories. Not really sure how Miami, Las Vegas, and Chicago rounded out the top 5 but they did.

New York City, Empire State Building, 5th Avenue
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So where do you not want to go with the kids? Places like Fayetteville, North Carolina made the list and so did the town I was born in Clarksville, Tennessee. Clarksville actually ended up as the number one worst kid-friendly vacation so I guess I won't be planning to go there with the grandkids anytime soon.

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