Get your wet-nap ready because it's almost BBQ season. It's always barbecue season for these 5 restaurants.

If you're a carnivorous human being then there's a good chance you are getting ready for something most of us do in the warmer months. We light a fire outside and throw meat carcasses on there until it's charred to perfection.

The BBQ market is huge in the United States and the pandemic only boosted those numbers. The home BBQ grill market ignited from a $5 billion industry in 2019 to an over $8 billion industry so far this year. The fact is that many of us spent more time at home and decided to prepare are meals outside and preferably on an open flame. Even BBQ sauces sales were up.

Close up of barbecue pulled park sandwich and French fries

Not everyone likes to cook their own barbecue. The BBQ restaurant industry is a $4 billion market as well. The best and most expensive gas or even charcoal grill just doesn't compare to a brisket prepared by a pro in a smoke pit. Experts claim the key to good BBQ is precise time and temperate. That's a combination that not everyone can control at home. Why not let a professional handle it?

The warm weather is coming and you might be craving some good BBQ. Here are the best places to go in the Newburgh, New York area. Take a look as at these top rated barbecue restaurants according to Yelp. They are not listed in any particular order. If we missed any please feel free to reach out to us and let us know so we can update it.

5 BBQ Restaurants to Try Near Newburgh, New York

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