It's Monday and its freezing outside, but at least we have football to warm us up right?

Well, for most we HAD football up until yesterday when the New York Giants went down in defeat to the Green Bay Packers 38-13. The game was close for the first half or so but in the end the Packers were just to much for the Giants. I will say at least it was the best game of the weekend.

Both Jess and I are huge football fans. Jess and her Giants and Me and my Dallas Cowboys. Our reactions from the Giants loss last night were very different.....take a look....

I know exactly what Jess is trying to do, jump on the Cowboys bandwagon and hope for a cowboy loss. I'm on to you Hunt LOVER!

Don't forget the big game between the Cowboys and Packers goes down Sunday after 4 p.m. on FOX.


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