A missing person case in Westchester County, New York has been cold for 36 years. What happened to George Primavera?

George Primavera Goes Missing in Bedford Hills, NY

The Facebook group Hudson Valley Cold Cases And Missing People spotlights local cold cases throughout the year visiting new and old cases alike. 

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On March 13th, 2024, the account revisited the disappearance of George Primavera. The Bedford Hills, New York man went to work and never came home. At 50 years old, Primavera was living a successful life with a house in Chappaqua and at the time of his disappearance, had just returned from a vacation in St. Martin.

Four days after his vacation and after returning to work, George vanished.

Did Something Happen to George Primavera at Work?

According to the Facebook account, Primavera was wrapping up a day at work at Dynacept.

After saying goodnight to his coworkers on March 17th, 1988 at Dynacept, it's reported that George took a phone call. As his coworkers left, George was still on the call. Hudson Valley Cold Casts and Missing People explain that police are aware of who Primavera was on the phone with, but have never released that information.

When George didn't arrive home in time for dinner, his wife naturally became worried. The Facebook page explains that she had asked one of their sons to check up on George at work. When the son arrived at Dynacept he "found his father's Mercedes in the parking lot." The side door was unlocked, and George's briefcase wasn't in the car and there was no sign of George anywhere.


There aren't many leads, the one lead they have involves a tan, late-model GMAC pickup truck in good condition parked next to the Dynacept delivery door.

What Happened to George Primavera?

If you're into true crime and an internet sleuth, the Police did their due diligence, checked his financials, and found no red flags. All of George's deadlines at work were met and he seemed to get along with all of his coworkers.

George was last seen wearing a dark blue pinstripe suit and Missingin.org explains he has a "crippled finger on his right hand." At the time he weighed 175lbs and stands at 5 feet 11 inches tall.

What happened to George Primavera? If you have any information regarding the disappearance call the Bedford Hills police at (914) 241-3111.

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