If you have lived in the Hudson Valley long enough, chances are you've called a Hudson Valley town by a nickname.

What's in a Hudson Valley Nickname?

For instance, everyone knows that Poughkeepsie, New York is called Po-Town for short. Some may call it the Queen City. That nickname was coined back in the 1800s after a newspaper wrote:

"They will find Poughkeepsie not only the Queen City of the Hudson but one of the gems of the old Empire State"

That's a fun little piece of Poughkeepsie trivia to share at the next party you go to.

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As for more recent Hudson Valley Town nicknames, Beacon has been tallying up a handful of new names to go by.

Beacon, NY Gets Interesting Nickname

As a Beacon, New York local I'm part of many Beacon-themed groups on Facebook and follow several accounts on Instagram. They're a great resource to stay up to date with what's going on in your community and also, let's be honest, a great place to watch local drama unfold.

I digress.

But with that being said, I recently saw someone in one of those Beacon groups casually refer to the Dutchess County town as... Brooklyn North. I've truly never heard anyone call it Brooklyn North until that very moment, but I understand the connection.


Beacon has become a great location for artist with the DIA and other smaller art galleries, a hot spot for delicious dining, and fantastic local shops, much like Brooklyn over the last few years.

Side note: Beacon's North Brooklyn nickname has been shortened to NoBro. Who knew?! Not me..

The whole Brooklyn North thing sent me into a tailspin. Are there other Hudson Valley towns with nicknames? We asked our listeners on Facebook and on air and are making a list of the new nicknames we're learning about this week. Here are some of our favorites:

The Gurt- Saugerties
Kerhamptons- Kerhonkson
6th Borough - Newburgh
Hopeless Junction- Hopewell Junction
Standstillville- Standfordville

Are there any others we should add to the list?

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