I'm not counting or anything, but there are 23 days until the Taste of Country Music Festival. 23 Days until Jason Aldean, Miranda Lambert and Sam Hunt grace us with their beautiful presence.

Okay, so I'm excited about TOC this year. These are some of my favorite artist and they're going to be right there in front of me jamming out. It doesn't get much better than that. Scratch that. It can get better, when you add Bayou Rum to the mix. Bayou Rum is the official rum of the Taste of Country Music Festival and they have some great recipes set up for this years show. Tom from Bayou Rum stopped by the station to show us some of the recipes they'll have on hand at TOC. I had to give him my own personal twist and help out naming these delicious drinks.

Check out Bayou Rums Kiwi Sunglasses, a play off Miranda Lambert's song Pink Sunglasses:

Up next, Bayou Like a Back Road...stay tuned.


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