Well, you don't see this everyday.

In a press release the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation explains that they received a unique call "to a spill complaint at a marina on Greenwood Lake." It wasn't a hazardous material that spilled, more like a dangerous construction vehicle.


Environmental Conservation Officers Jeremy Fadden and Melissa Burgess responded to the complaint on September 12th. When they arrived on the scenes they found that a backhoe made it's way into the lake at the marina.

The backhoe belonged to Orange/Rockland Power Authority, who spoke with ECO Fadden and told them that the "machine's parking brake had malfunctioned, causing it to roll into the lake."

Thankfully, no one was in the backhoe at the time of the accident. The officers who responded to the accident worked with the DEC Spill Response team to put  "petroleum-absorbing booms around the excavator in case of leaks." The backhoe was removed a few hours after the incident, the lake saw no damages and no files were charged.


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