My wife told me how much she spent at her recent trip to the hair salon and I almost passed out. How much do New Yorkers spend on getting their hair cut? you might be as shocked as I am.

My wife spent nearly $300 for a haircut and color a couple of days ago? I was surprised to find out the color she chose wasn't 24k gold. That's almost what i expected for that price.

How much do you spend on a haircut? I'm at the point when I get my hair cut just about every month now. It can get a little pricey. Just like most products and services inflation has hit hair care as well. According to recent numbers, haircut prices increased about 5% in 2022. This out the national average at roughly $70 for women and $40 for men.

Do you pay more than that? I don't think I have ever met one woman who has only spent $70 at a hair salon It's safe to say the women spend a significantly higher amount of money for hair services than men. In New York the average cost for a female to her hair cut is just under $200. That's not even including color which could add anywhere from $75 to $150 more to your total.

Many woman only get their hair done once  or twice a year and  think these numbers give us some insight as to why.

How often do you get your haircut? How much do you spend at your barbershop or salon?

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