Today is my birthday. I'm 29, which gives me 365 to get my act together before 30 rolls around. Although, I hear 30 is the new 20.

Last week a male friend of mine asked what I was doing for my birthday, being that it fell on a Tuesday, I told him I'd probably go out with a few of my friends on Saturday. Maybe do an unofficial bar crawl in on Hudson Valley town.

He was surprised. He said that usually girls do the whole "it's my birthday month" thing and celebrate for a week long. It's an unfair stereotype in my opinion. Because I know plenty of guys who take birthday trips and plan a year in advance.

Listen, I love a good birthday celebration. But one day is all I need. And I think the older I get it's all I can handle.

Are you a big birthday celebrator? What's the best birthday memory you remember? Or do you ignore the day all together and try to forget that you're getting a year older?

Whatever your answer is, I hope there's at least cake is involved.

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