New state rules are limiting sales for Cannabis infused beverages.

THC infused beverages have been pretty popular in recent years, with some asking if its the next big thing? A lot of company's have been capitalizing on New York's new legal weed industry with cannabis beverages, but changes in laws can make things difficult.

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According to an article at Syracuse.Com, new rules will limit the sale of higher-level THC beverages to the now 21  state-licensed recreational marijuana dispensaries across New York state. The new rules limit hemp-based beverages for sale at the CBD stores and similar outlets to 1 miligram of THC per serving, and a 15-to-1 ratio of CBD-to-THC. The recent growth in licensed marijuana dispensaries, on top of the new rules could mean losing some business for the CBD shops and for online sales. The Cannabis Control Board closed a loophole that had allowed shops to sell cannabis beverages derived from hemp containing levels of the psychoactive compound THC that are comparable to those made from marijuana.

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Patrick McKeage, deputy director of the Office of Cannabis Management, explained the new rules and what the entail at a recent Cannabis Control Board Meeting last week.  “What this package does … is essentially make sure that intoxicating hemp products are not in the cannabinoid market, and the intoxicating products are more appropriately regulated in the adult-use market,” he said.

What are your thoughts? Are you a regular drinker of THC infused products and do you agree with the new laws limiting he sale of higher-level THC beverages? We'll see how this effects the industry as a whole around New York state.

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