We're heading into a beautiful Memorial Day weekend here in the Hudson Valley. Many of us will be honoring those who served and are still serving in the military today.

Memorial Day also signifies the beginning of the summer season. If the weather is right some of us will be enjoying a nice weekend BBQ with our friends and family.

This year you'll probably be enjoying a juicy cheeseburger or maybe even some grilled chicken. But if you bring this next product to my BBQ, you'll have to escort yourself out.

According to The Washington Post the "most unexpected (and welcome) guest at your next cookout" is the...CARROT DOG.

Yep. A professional publication just established that a carrot dog is a welcomed guest at your weekend cookout.

Flag on the play.

Listen, I get it. The mystery meat in a hot dog is a bit concerning. Sure, if you're vegan or vegetarian it's a nice replacement. But don't take away the great American staple that is a hot dog.

If you're asked to bring a bunch of hot dogs to your friends this weekend, but bring a bundle of carrots instead just know I'm disappointing in you.

There is even a recipe for a perfect char grilled carrot dog. There's  sesame oil involved, along with kosher salt and grilling your carrots for 20 minutes. Then they encourage you to put the carrot in a bun and put ketchup, mustard or relish on it.

Sounds like a fabulous side dish. But don't you dare try to replace a hot dog with a carrot.

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