The reason may surprise you.

If you've been out to your favorite brewery or cider spot in the Hudson Valley and tried to purchase a 4 or six-pack to take home with you, you might have noticed that they are a little more expensive today than they were a few months ago.

We all have our favorites Angry Orchard, Newburgh Brewing, Millhouse, Nine Pin, whichever place is your favorite the next time you go out a purchase any of their canned products, be prepared to possibly pay a little more. I know that anytime something costs me more than it did the last time I bought it, I get mad. But before you get mad at the makers of our favorite adult beverages, let's make sure we place the blame in the right place.

Most recent price increases can be attributed to supply chain issues and changes being made to orders at Ball Corporation, a major manufacturer of aluminum cans that many companies use to can their products according to News 10.

Nine Pin is one of New York's best-selling ciders in New York and the owner and co-founder Alejandro del Peral told News 10 that the Ball company has now increased the number of cans that vendors can order at one time. In years past vendors could purchase a minimum of one truckload of cans, Ball has now increased the minimum to five truck loads which del Peral says is over one million cans.

He said, "We are more or less being forced out of purchasing printed cans, which is an added cost to our bread and butter basically." He went on to say that, "Our top-selling cider, our signature cider, we don’t sell a million cans of that a year. Ball Metal recommends that you sell your can within a year of it being manufactured."

The executive director of the New York State Brewers Associations Paul Leon has said that they are aware of the supply issue and are encouraging members to try and plan out their can supply deep into 2022.

As far as an increase in prices Leon said, "Their margins are already incredibly slim now, so they’ll have to react to a can shortage, and most likely have to raise prices."

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