It feels like I’m writing the same article over and over again. The Title is “Popular ‘fill in the town’ Restaurant Serves its Last Meal”. Or something to that effect. So, the other day I was looking at one of my favorite foodie groups on Facebook and I noticed a reference to what I know was a well liked restaurant getting ready to close for good. What? Not again.

The Restaurant is the Pink Elephant Cafe on Morton Blvd. in Kingston, a place that I had read great reviews about and always thought it would be a great place to visit the next time I’m in that area. I went to the Pink Elephant's Facebook page, and sure enough, there was a message that said they would be closing this weekend and will be operating on a limited menu until they run out. So sad to hear, and judging by the reaction of their Facebook followers, I’m not the only one who is sad.

It’s too bad I never got the chance to check it out. From what I read, the Pink Elephant used locally sourced ingredients for their dishes, and had cool menu items like house made falafels. There was no reason given for the closing, but we wish the owners the best of luck.

The Pink Elephant is not the only Kingston restaurant that’s had to close or at least make a change in operations. The Anchor on Broadway has stopped dining room service as of last Friday, with takeout/delivery and bar service/dining on Fridays 4 - 9 for as long as they can. It’s a tough time for Hudson Valley restaurants, but hopefully things will be turning around soon.

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