Have you ever said those words?

One thing that we hope you feel when you wake up each morning with the Wakin' Up with CJ and Jess Show is positive vibes. We both do our best each day to put at least a little smile on your face and sometimes we try to be the little push that you've been looking for to fix something in your life that you may not be happy with.

Sounds pretty deep, right? Well not really, LOL, but we are always here to help and when it comes to fixing things, most of us have that one or two things we've decided to do in life that we kinda wish we didn't do. Maybe it was a partner choice, or maybe it was a disagreement you had with someone that went way to far? I know that I've said a few times in life that, "if I could go back in time I would say I'm sorry."

If you need an example, Back about 12 years ago I had a huge argument with my mom, I think it had something to do with my wedding that was coming up. Anyway the argument got so bad that we never spoke again and she passed away about 5 years later and I never got to say I'm sorry. It's one of my biggest regrets and I hope that doesn't happen to anyone EVER!

We have all had those blowup arguments with someone in our lives at one time or another and today, we want to hear about them. Call or text us through the Wolf app and tell us about the blowup you got into with a friend or relative or whoever, with the story ending with the words, "and we never spoke again."

If you get on the show with us maybe we can help you fix whatever happened. We know that trying to "mend fences" after crazy arguments sometimes feels impossible, right? Just maybe sharing your story with us will give you that push to move forward and fix it!

Give us a try NOW!!!

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