I want to take this opportunity to apologize.

This is a serious matter and I want you to take my apology seriously, as it is coming from the heart.

Last week Applebee's announced that for the whole month of October in honor of Neighborhood Appreciation Month that they would be offering customers $1 margaritas. Since I am consistently on a budged and I love a good margarita, I thought I would share the wealth with my friends.

At first I thought this information would be useful, that is until I found out the devastating news. The Applebee's margaritas are terrible. I didn't need to look any further than our Facebook comment section for the answer:


Another commenter shared a video of an alleged Applebee's employee making the "dollaritas." Tap water, margarita mix and bottom shelf tequila mixed in buckets.

My heart sank.

I would never want to suggest a horrible drinking experience like and for that I am truly sorry.

How about a DIY "Dollarita?" It's easy all you need is:

Your favorite Tequila
A Shot glass.

Serve over ice and already you're way ahead of the juice box they're serving at Applebee's.


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