American Idol announced it's top 4 last night....or should I say top 5?  The judges had a "save" that they chose to use last night and keep Laci who would otherwise have been eliminated.

The first to be announced to the final 4 was Madison VanDenburg from NY.  Madison is the daughter of a radio on air personality and lives in Cohoes, NY.  If you are not quite sure where that is, it's just outside of Albany.  With the Hudson Valley being only about an hour away, Madison and her family would make trips occasionally for some family fun and of course, the view.  Who doesn't love the scenery of the Hudson Valley.

Whether or not Madison wins and becomes the next American Idol I have no idea but I do however feel a special bond for her and find myself voting for her, mostly because I feel I need to support NY.

Even if you don't watch and don't vote, next Sunday is the final, crowning episode so maybe show her some support if you can?

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