History was made Thursday in the Town of Neversink. Beer was legally purchased in a restaurant for the first time since 1935.

The sale of beer and wine was illegal in the Town of Neversink since the 1930s. A vote was held this November to end prohibition in the Sullivan County town. The proposition passed by just two votes. Many opposed lifting the ban because they felt keeping the town dry made it unique.

Grahamsville resident Kenny Curry was the first person to legally buy a beer in the town. Curry won a contest to purchase the first drink because he claims his father was the last person to buy in beer before the town went dry in the 1930s.

The contest was put on by Jennifer Grimes who owns the Eureka Market and Café. She was very active in the fight to end the 80-year ban on selling alcohol.

Grimes received her liquor license on Tuesday and two days later she was a part of Town of Neversink history. She told Time Warner Cable News, “I doubt there many things I’m involved in in my lifetime that are historic.”

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