It's something none of us have seen in our lifetime, the price of gas is skyrocketing and Connecticut is on the verge of setting an all-time new record for the highest gas prices ever in the state.

OK, so we know gas prices have been creeping up a bit over the last few months, but now with the war in Ukraine and our dependence on foreign oil, gas prices are headed through the roof.

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In just about 3-4 days, prices at the pump have risen about one dollar a gallon. Stations that were selling gas for $3.39 are now charging $4.39, and stations that were charging $3.69 are now getting $4.69 a gallon. It's the highest gas has been in the state since it was $4.39 a gallon back on July 9, 2008.

It's completely out of control, and there really is no ceiling in sight. That means that gas prices will continue to climb, and come Memorial Day when the prices usually shoot up a bit, I wouldn't be surprised to see gas well above $5.00 a gallon. Heck, we may even hit that well before Memorial Day and then the holiday surge could drive those prices up to unheard of levels.

So what are we going to do? Well one thing is to look for the cheapest gas prices possible, and thanks to, here are the 10 cheapest places to get gas in the Danbury area as of Tuesday, March 8.

Now just keep in mind, with the way prices have been going up, these "deals" may not last long.


  1. GLOBAL- Newtown Road in Danbury $4.09
  2. NOBLE- Padanaram Road in Danbury $4.17
  3. SINCLAIR- White Street in Danbury $4.17
  4. CITO- West Street in Danbury $4.19
  5. BJ WHOLESALE- Federal Road in Brookfield $4.19
  6. MOBIL- Newtown Road in Danbury $4.19
  7. CITGO & WHEELS- Main Street in Danbury $4.19
  8. SUNOCO- Mill Plain Road in Danbury $4.19
  9. UNITED FUEL- White Street in Danbury $4.19
  10. CITGO- Newtown Road in DFanbury $4.19

Just keep in mind that these prices can and will probably change fairly quickly, and are the prices for unleaded regular cash only. Using credit may mean 5-10 cents a gallon more.

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